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RDX Band


Brian "Red Dog" Berry


Brian plays rhythm guitar in the The Red Dog Xpress Band. He hails from a little town in West-VA where he listened to bands like AC/DC, Bad Company, CCR, Stevie Ray Vaughn, ZZ Top and Skynyrd growing up. He brings excitement and a rock solid rhythm to the table with a sound that’s smooth and creamy with a little crunch on top using a Gibson Les Paul Studio Guitar played through stereo Fender tube amps.

With Vocals that allow for some of the area’s best cover tunes, Brian covers bands like ZZ Top, John Cougar Mellencamp, Matchbox Twenty, Jimi Hendrix and many more for your listening pleasure.

Guitar, Vocals

Dave "Sandman" Presnell


Dave's been playing the ThunderStick for a long time, He plays the Bass with passion and conviction. His roots are deep into Classic Rock and Roll and you can tell by the way he grooves to all the tunes the band can throw at him he truly loves what he does.

He has played all over Maryland as a Civillian and a service member with some of his Army buds back in the day.

Bass, Vocals

Gary "The Ice Man" Gursky


Gary has been playing Lead Guitar for ages. He has played in bands around the Northern MD and PA border for years rocking the Masses, he loves Blues,and good ole Rock and Roll.

Gary's main influences are the rock guitarists of the 60's thru today. He brings the bluesy edge to the RDX Band. His edgy searing guitar leads coupled with the creamy smooth classic crunch of the band will have you wanting more!

You can never tell what notes will come out, but it will of course be a bit interesting and moving, I am sure .

Lead Guitar, Vocals

Ray "Sticks" Magee


Ray hails from Middle River Md. Ray has come to the RedDog Xpress Band Via "Without" Rays former band from Essex MD. Growing up Ray was influenced by popular Drumers John Bonham, Neil Pert, Steve Smith, Joey Kramer and Mike Portnoy.

Ray's drumming will have you wide eyed wondering what he will do next, along with passion and energy he brings attitude and a driving force to the band and the Dance floor.

A combination of slick moves and twirlling drum sticks will kepp you entertained throughout the night, as Ray keeps the beat inviting all who hear to come and Dance with the Band, with a positive and pro performance Ray will Rock your Socks off from start to finish.

Drums, Vocals